Bybridge type HYDRA HP30

Self-propelled Bybridge Platform

Horizontal Range: 9.15m
Platform Width: 1.00m
Max Crossing of Safety Fence: 1.50m
Max Overbridging of Pavement: 1.50m
Max Lowering Depth: 4.90m
Rotation of Platform: 180º
Max Load on Platform: 450 Kg
Max Load on Telescopic Platform: 225 Kg
Max Allowed Wind:16 m/s
Total Weight: 5.500 Kg
Lenght of Unit:8.40m
Width of Unit: 2.50m
Height of Unit: 3.90m
Space Required on Bridge: 2.50m
Equipments on Platform
Tri Phase Outlets (380v): No
Diesel Generador: No
Scaffoldings: 0
Audio/Video Comunication: Yes